Litchfield County Times May 16th 2011
by Douglas Clement

WASHINGTON- The White Horse Country Pub and Restaurant has introduced its newest member of the team - 'Audrey.'

This is the custom built London Taxi featured for the last six years on the hit national TV show 'Supernanny.'

'Audrey' established quite a following for herself, traveling around the country with Jo Frost, the shows star, in the back, the show has now completed production and moved back to London; meanwhile the White Horse was on the lookout for an appropriate company vehicle, so it was a natural fit.

The taxi was custom built with left hand drive, all leather seats, 2A/C's, and an intercom system.

As the new White Horse company vehicle, its evolving usage is envisioned to include picnic drives around Lake Waramaug and round tip pick-ups to the restaurant from local hotels, as well as customers' homes.

It will be used for company outings, a shuttle service if ever additional parking is required, and all off-site catering parties. Plus of course it is just good fun to have and drive around in.