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White Horse Country Pub & Restaurant Posted on October 30, 2012
White Horse Country Pub & Restaurant 258 New Milford Turnpike, New Preston, Connecticut Billed as having the best pub food in Connecticut, White Horse Country Pub & Restaurant transports you back in time to the early days of historic Connecticut. Indian Scout Motorcycle The tavern is divided into two sections a restaurant on one side and a bar, along with some more informal tables, on another side. Whether you're looking for a few drinks or to grab a bite to eat, be sure to pick the bar area. It has a lot of character to it. The bar room is outfitted with exposed wood everywhere and the bar is absolutely beautiful with an old school Indian Scout motorcycle from the 1920s showcased behind glass. In fact, the entire place has historic artifacts ranging from a 16th century tavern table to a Fender guitar signed by the Rolling Stones.
In the bar room a fireplace provides warmth as well as sets the atmosphere as the perfect place to hunker down during a winter snowstorm. They also fully embrace the white horse theme here they are everywhere from on glasses to in pictures. Pumpkin Ravioli During this dinner we went all out, among what I ate: Crispy Crackling Calamari: in a lightly seasoned coating served with a house spicy dipping sauce. A Piping Crock of Mussels: simmered in a white wine, garlic, shallot broth Pumpkin Ravioli Chicken Pot Pie: dating back to medieval times, a really good pot pie was an important element of any royal chef's repertoire this would definitely win the King's favor tender pieces of chicken, celery, carrots, peas, onions and herbs, baked in a rich sauce with a little chardonnay and cream, topped Chicken Pot Pie with a light buttery flaky crust Everything we ate from the ravioli and calamari appetizers to my main dish of chicken pot pie was delicious. This was comfort food to say the least and I fully embraced it. Out of all the appetizers, the pumpkin ravioli (which was a special) and the calamari were the best. The ravioli had such a rich flavor to it. It tasted like it was filled with pumpkin pie filling. The calamari was equally as delicious with a light breading that was very crispy just how I like it. The chicken pot pie was good as well, although it did disappoint me slightly. The presentation is what makes this dish. It comes out with a horse sculpted out of dough topping the pie. It's a sight to see and draws a look from nearby tables. Aside from that, White Horse Country Pub & Restaurant while the chicken, vegetables and cream filling was good, it only took up about a quarter of the interior of the pie. There was a huge empty pocket where I expected there to be filling but it was absent.
The Verdict White Horse Tavern screams New England. The atmosphere can be described as nothing short of electric as electric. With a fireplace inviting you in during the cold Connecticut months, this bar/restaurant is the perfect place I'd want to be stuck if I ever found myself in a New England snowstorm. I recommend White Horse Tavern for either drinks or dinner as well. While I won't be ordering the chicken pot pie again, I hope to pay then a return visit sometime in the future.