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THE REPUBLICAN AMERICAN May 16th 2011 by George Krimsky
Anyone familiar with the TV series "Supernanny" might be surprised to see one of its stars outside the White Horse Country Pub and Restaurant in the Marbledale section of Washington Conn., these days. Not Jo Frost, the English nanny who played herself on the popular ABC reality show, but her car - the London taxi dubbed 'Audrey.' White Horse owner John Harris, a British native himself, recently bought the distinctive black taxi that was made famous carrying Frost around the country advising parents how to deal with their children. "I was looking for a company car," Harris said, "and heard this one was available after the show moved back to London. I got it for a decent price," he said, declining to disclose what he paid for it. The diesel-powered car, with right-hand drive and all-leather seats, retailed for $60,000 when it was new in 2003. London taxi cabs cannot be exported to the United States, because of emission requirements, but the car from the show was custom-fit for the U.S. with a Ford engine, Harris said. He said the pub plans to use "Audrey" for pickups, deliveries and tours. The license used to read "SPRNANNY." Now it will read "WH-1." The White Horse opened two years ago this June, replacing the Marbledale Pub on Route 202 in the section of Washington bordering New Milford.