• The White Horse Country Pub
  • A Country Pub and Restaurant

The New Addition - Thank you to the team - 2017


Firstly a great big thank you to Lisa, my wife, for her brilliant design sensibility.

Thank to all the Washington Town volunteers who make up the various boards, and their support and dedication in getting this project moving through the sometimes onerous and complicated process to get fully permitted - Thank you also to all the town officers whose advice and oversight is invaluable.

Brent Benner of the Roxbury Cabinet Company for his 'nothing short of perfection' attitude, his dedication and talent.

To Brian and Eppe who worked with Brent and the talented Framing crew of Chuck and Josh.

Jim Ross for the exclusive and dedicated site work and complicated septic work. Experience counts.

Landscape Architect- Site Planner - Designer and advisor Craig Studer
Architect Douglas MacMillan
Engineer Frank Fowler
Surveyor Jim Osborne

Daryl Wright - and the team - Wright Electric
Steve - and the team - Litchfield Hills Plumbing
Bob - and the team - Sidall heating and Cooling
Theresa - and all the team at Hocon Gas
George - and his team - Stonewalls by George - whose creative talent is able to transform stonework into artwork.
Ed Cavallaro for your precise Concrete work
Bene - and his team - for the wonderful landscape and patio work
Mike Foss - All the Well work
Tony - WestConn septic - to keeping us going and being there each and every time
Dennis Newbert - Roofing and Siding
Rob - Board Silly for some of the most wonderful beams and antique flooring
Chris - Bizier Drywall
Jeff - Aversano Tile - once again a tile master....
Bill Deering - Flooring finishing - once again a perfect job
Lu - Luan Painting
Jocelyn - New England Building Products - Insulation and Guttering
Clem - For the Wallpapering - a perfect job and your wife....
Cathy - at the The Upholstery Shed, a perfect job
Bill Clarke - Durkins Awning
Tom Barkal - Infoplexus - all the Computer wiring
John for al the CCTV and Sound work
Todd Gazzoli - Table base carpentry
Dragonfly Studios - Stained Glass and Leaded Windows
Gradar Metals - Kitchen Hood System
Al - of Restaurant Warehouse for your invaluable advice and equipment

All the efficient suppliers- New Milford Block - Herringtons - Rings End - Berkshire Lighting - Grays Bridge - Action Glass and of course Washington Supply